What do I get at Enchanting Pictures that I don’t get other places?

Simply put, you get a non-traditional creative photographer who captures what is awesome and unique about your child/children and family.  We love children, are very patient, and have an eye for the creative and a gift for enhancing what is already beautiful about your child/children.  Not only will you have a wonderful experience, you will have an amazing piece of ART to remember this time in your family’s life.

1.  What is the best age to have my child photographed?  Children are constantly growing and changing and may be photographed beautifully at any age but we recommend bringing them in once a year after they turn two years old.

*Here are a few milestones you will not want to miss during their first two years of life:

~newborn 3-10 days old:  At this time babies are usually sound asleep and assume beautifully and natural curled positions that make for unforgettable photos.  Mom and Dad are encouraged to take photos with their baby.

~1-3 months old:  Babies are usually comfortable on their bellies during this stage and it is the perfect time to bring them in for our special baby tuck.

~6 months old:  Babies are usually sitting up on their own at this age and will look great in most whimsical backgrounds, on a solid color or set.

~7-9 months old:  during this time, most babies have mastered the art of crawling and you will be extremely pleased with their poses for whimsical settings or for candid photos of them moving around naturally

~1 year old

~1 and a half years old

~2 years old

~Once a year thereafter


2.  Do I need an appointment?  YES!  Our studio is open by appointment only, and our availability is sometimes quite limited.  It is also extremely important that you choose a time that will work best for your child/children.  Generally, infants and children photograph best when they are well rested and fed.  Appointments are accepted by telephone only at 613-298-3170 and are subject to a $50.00 booking deposit/retainer. 

Note:  On-location photo shoots are available, please inquire.

3.  What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?  Cancellations and changes MUST be made at least 24 hours prior to your photo session by telephone only!  As a courtesy, we ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible.  No-shows will forfeit their booking retainer.  Please note that your re-schedule session must be booked within 15 days of the originally booked session.

4.  Should we bring anything to the session?  Bringing props such as favorite blankets, bears, dolls, hats, toys, ect. is recommended and encouraged.  Please bring anything else that will help make the baby/child comfortable and that will help with the session, such as diapers, wipes, etc.

5.  How long does each session take?  We reserve an hour for studio portrait session up to an hour and a half for newborn speciality sessions and classic family shoots.

6.  How many images do you take per session?  Typically we take twenty to thirty photos, but we do not have an established limit for the number of images captured during a session.  It may take time for your child/children to warm up to us, and therefore we like to shoot as many images as required to allow you a variety of expressions to choose from.

7.  What is your refund policy?  Refunds are not available on printed items or CDs (unless there is a defect in the printed item itself), including, but not limited to individual sheets, collages and canvases.  Defective items must be returned to us within 14 days of receipt.  If you are not fully satisfied with your proofs, please discuss your concern prior to placing an order.  Our artist uses her artistic talent in creating your one of a kind portrait based on your background selection.  Session fees are not refundable.

8.   Are there additional fees for touch ups and special editing?  Basic retouching is included, and you may request minor fixes of blemishes, scratches, bruises, ect.  If major retouching is requested, charges will be applicable according to the complexity of the editing required (in some cases re-scheduling your appointment would be best, so please consider this prior to booking).  If you’re uncertain, please call to inquire.

9.  How long do you keep session photos?  All photos taken during your photo session will be kept for a minimum of six months.  Only those images that have been ordered will be archived indefinitely for re-orders, enlargements or in case of disaster.  After six months we do not guarantee access to your images.  If you feel you may wish to order additional prints in the future from your child’s session please be sure to contact us before the six months have passed or purchase of digital negatives.